Assigned Seating: Things to consider when creating a seating chart.

June 21, 2023

Trying to figure out how to plan out your seating chart may seem daunting, however, we want to help you with assigning seats for your wedding reception. Here are a few tips:

Definitely consider a seating chart: We highly suggest it! A seating chart provides a clear layout of the tables and it will help your guests find their seats easier. Not having a seating chart, your guests will move chairs to sit close to friends and family. Also, you will need to pay for more tables, linens, centerpieces, plates, silverware, cups, and chairs to accommodate them.

Group people wisely: Think about the relationships and connections between your family and friends. Seat family members and close friends together, ensuring they can enjoy each other’s company. Consider common interests or backgrounds when grouping people who may not know each other well.

Mix and mingle: To encourage interaction, maybe you can alternate between couples and singles at each table. This way, your guests have the opportunity to meet new people and engage in conversations.

Consider to special needs: Take into account any special needs for your guests, such as dietary restrictions or accessibility needs. Ensure your guests are seated comfortably and with appropriate accommodations.

Children’s seating: If you have young guests attending, it’s a good idea to have a designated kids’ table with activities to keep them entertained. Seat parents or guardians nearby for supervision. Or you can have a designated table in a separate room with a hired nanny service as well.

Consider proximity: If you have important guests, like your parents or close family members, seat them near the head table/sweetheart table or in a prominent location. Similarly, consider the needs of elderly guests and ensure their seating is convenient and away from the DJ speakers.

It may take time to create the seating chart but it will be well worth it, as your guests experience will be more enjoyable.


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